Demi Lovato Not Saying What She Took Before OD

Demi Lovato is awake in Hospital and surrounded by family. That, after she Overdosed and was found unconscious in her home following a party she threw. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ it was an apparent heroin overdose, but a source close to Demi is trying to claim it wasn’t. Her family also seems to hint that it was nt heroin. Either way, she is lucky one of her friends (who reportedly could see this coming) has Narcan on hand! Here is the call to EMS:

Demi had reportedly had a big falling out with her sober coach earlier in the month, accusing him of betraying her. It was right around the time she released Sober, a song where she admits to having fallen off the  wagon. She was also seen recently with people you shouldn’t be around if you have substance abuse issues… like G-Eazy. Demi was supposed to come to Toronto to play Echo Beach Sunday… it is likely that won’t happen.

Image: Instagram 

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Scott Fox
Scott Fox