Florida Man Gets A DUI After Pulling A Cop Over To Ask For Directions

An alleged drunk driver in Florida initially declined a breathalyzer test, telling a deputy sheriff on Sunday, “You didn’t pull me over, I pulled you over.” Juan Zamora, 63, gave the response after flashing his headlights at a Marion County Sheriff’s deputy’s squad car in Ocala in order to ask for directions to an auto parts store.  The deputy stopped and smelled alcohol coming from Zamora as he asked the question. The driver, who had a 15-year-old passenger, also had bloodshot eyes, the deputy noticed.  Zamora allegedly admitted to downing two shots of bourbon earlier that day.  When he finally took the breathalyzer test, he failed, registering above Florida’s 0.8 legal limit.  Authorities later found a bottle of whiskey in his car and a white substance, which field-test positive for cocaine, in Zamora’s shirt sleeve.  He was charged with DUI and cocaine possession.

Photo Credit: Stock image – photographer unidentified

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan