Scientists Say It’s Way Too Soon For A COVID Booster Shot – Full COVID-19 Update

Scientists Say It’s Way Too Soon For A COVID Booster Shot – Full COVID-19 Update

An international group of scientists is arguing the average person doesn’t need a COVID-19 booster yet. Two of those scientists are top US vaccine regulators, raising questions about whether White House plans for booster doses are getting ahead of the government’s own experts. The group analyzed a long list of worldwide studies and concluded the shots still work well despite the extra-contagious Delta variant. Their opinion piece was published yesterday in The Lancet.

Ontario Hospital Protests Were Fairly Uneventful Yesterday:

A crowd of protesters gathered outside Toronto General Hospital yesterday to denounce COVID-19 measures. A dozen or so police officers were present during the rally. Similar protests took place at hospitals across Canada, including in London, Ontario where a few dozen carried signs and marched around in circles. The University Health Network, which runs Toronto General Hospital, called the events demoralizing for health-care staff who have taken risks caring for patients with COVID-19.

COVID Cases in Schools:

A full picture of COVID-19 in Ontario schools was difficult to assess yesterday because the provincial government dashboard detailing cases in schools and daycares still had not been updated since July. The government said that the portal would be active in the next few days.  It said boards were given a few days after the return to school before they had to start reporting cases to the province. Boards are required to report information about COVID-19 cases on their individual websites.

The Plan To Rapid-Test Unvaccinated teachers:

Ontario school boards have received more details from the province around protocols for unvaccinated staff who must take twice-weekly rapid COVID-19 tests. The deputy education minister says testing is to be done at home, at least three days apart, and no more than 48-hours before coming to work. The province has instructed all boards to implement the vaccination rules no later than September 27th. Unvaccinated employees will also be required to watch a video about COVID-19 vaccination from the Ministry of Education.

BC Mandates That All Healthcare Workers Must Be Vaccinated:

British Columbia’s provincial health officer says by October 26th, all health-care workers will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Dr. Bonnie Henry says it will be a condition of employment for all staff, physicians, contractors and volunteers in health facilities. She argues outbreaks in acute care settings are disruptive, especially because of a shortage of workers, and there is a need to protect patients.

Alberta Public Health Wants Jail Time For a Pastor:

Alberta Health Services is asking for jail time for a Calgary pastor and his brother found guilty of contempt after deliberately violating COVID-19 health orders. Artur Pawlowski and his brother, Dawid were arrested in May. They are accused of organizing an illegal gathering as well as of promoting and attending an illegal gathering. At a sentencing hearing yesterday, the health provider asked that the pastor be jailed for 21-days and that his brother be sentenced to 10-days.

The Hospitality Industry Is Calling For Labour Help:

Tourism destinations are bracing for a busy winter without the usual supply of foreign workers to staff businesses. As international visitors return to Canada amid an ongoing staff shortage, some businesses say they are having to close for periods to give their limited staff a day off. The owner of a restaurant in Banff, Alberta, says the hospitality sector was tough to staff even pre-pandemic, and COVID-19 has made it even worse, with business owners offering higher wages and even hosting staff get-togethers to improve morale. Business owners say the lack of international workers has been a particularly large burden and are calling on the government to reduce barriers to make it easier for foreign workers.

Ontario Numbers:

There were 600 new cases of COVID-19 in Ontario yesterday and four more deaths linked to the virus. Health Minister Christine Elliott says 475 of those cases are in people who are not fully vaccinated or have an unknown vaccination status. According to Ontario’s Ministry of Health, 189 people are in intensive care because of the virus and 100 are on a ventilator. Elliott says that 84.4 per cent of Ontarians over the age of 12 have at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine while 78.1 per cent have two doses.

Waterloo Region / WDG Numbers:

Waterloo Region Public Health reported 28 new cases yesterday but no new deaths. The number of active cases is back over 200, at 202. There are still 11 people hospitalized.

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health confirmed 72 new cases yesterday, from the whole weekend. There are now 125 active cases with 5 people hospitalized.

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Photo Credit: World Health Organization via Twitter

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