Some Beer Varieties May Take A Hit Due To Aluminum Can Shortage

An aluminum can shortage has reportedly started to impact the beer industry. This has prompted some brewers to scale back on the variety of brands being sold.  Molson Coors, Brooklyn Brewery, and Karl Strauss have moved production away from the smaller brands in response to the shortage.  The companies reportedly made this decision to ensure that they had enough cans available to keep their biggest brands from going out of stock.  A side effect of this, not surprisingly, is that these smaller brands may be harder to find, leading to shortages.  A variety of causes has led to this situation.   Beer sold in cans increased from 50 percent in 2010 to 60 percent in 2019.  When the coronavirus pandemic struck, people started stocking up on items, including beer. Apparently, shoppers prefer to stock up on easily stored cans as opposed to bottles.  Beer makers aren’t the only businesses impacted by the aluminum can shortage. Soda makers have reportedly had to make similar cuts to their brands and focus on the most popular flavours. A similar issue was reported in the soft drink industry.

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan