Want To Impress Your Boss? Here Is A Great Way To Do It

Researchers from the University of Kansas say the best thing an employee can do during a company meeting is keep their cellphone out of sight until it’s over.  The study says workers who look at their phones during a meeting create a perception as less competent and effective. That’s still the case even if they’re doing work on that device.  In the study, published in the journal Mobile Media & Communication, nearly 250 participants watched several videos of people using either a paper notebook, laptop, or cellphone during a business meeting. Researchers say cellphone users in particular were seen as snubbing their co-workers and received poor grades for competence from the viewers.  “We know you can do work on your phone,” says co-author Cameron Piercy in a university statement.  The assistant professor of communication studies explains that since phones are commonly used by people to leisurely browse the internet and social media, “we assume that you’re not working when we see you’re using it.”  Piercy says the results are an example of “introspective illusion.” That is, viewers think the worst of cellphone users, even if they admit to doing the same things in their daily lives.

Photo Credit: Melissa Harris – LinkedIn


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan