Some Major Corporate Sponsors Have Pulled Their Support From WE – Full Video Of The Kielburger Testimony

The co-founders of WE Charity spoke to the House of Commons finance committee yesterday, as it investigates the $912-million dollar, sole-sourced, student grant program. Brothers Marc and Craig Kielburger say they regret not realizing how the deal to have WE run the Canada Student Service Grant would be perceived, due to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s ties to the organization. It has promised to repay every dollar it received, about $30-million, but the organization says it’s still sorting out details. Yesterday the brothers did admit to paying the expenses of some WE Day speakers, which adds to the total paid to the Trudeau family. They appeared to avoid answering a question when asked if they ever hired private investigators to follow around various members of the media.

As its founders testified before the House of Commons finance committee yesterday, WE Charity lost several of its partners and sponsors. Royal Bank of Canada, GoodLife Fitness and KPMG have all said they are dropping their partnerships — days after Virgin Atlantic Airways did the same — while WestJet says it is still examining its relationship with the charity.

Here is yesterday’s testimony:


Photo Credit: CPAC via YouTube screenshot


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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan