[Video] Bill Gates Explains Why Kids Should Be Back In Class In September

Bill Gates has sided with President Donald Trump in arguing for the reopening of schools in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, saying the “benefits outweigh the costs for younger students.” Gates rallied for schools to open in an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box yesterday. “I’m a big believer that for young children, the benefits in almost every location — particularly if you can protect the teachers well — the benefits outweigh the costs,” he said. However, he said there’s a less pressing need for older students to return to in-person schooling. “As you get up to age, like, 13 and higher, then you’ll have to look at your locale to decide what you’ll do with high schools. And if they’re not in, then you have to put massive effort into trying to get there to be continued learning online,” he said.

Here is the video:

Photo Credit: CNBC via YouTube Screenshot

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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan