[Video] Drake Now Holds The Record For Most Streams In One Week

1 week after the release, Drake broke what some thought may be an impossible feat for an artist. Scorpion is the first album in history to be streamed more than 1 billion times in its first week of release. It is Drake’s 8th consecutive project to hit #1. People in attendance at the Wireless Music Festival in London got a special surprise when Drake showed up to perform in the place of DJ Khaled. (See more on that odd cancellation below…)


Check out Drake performing some of his new stuff live for the first time below:




As to the reason why DJ Khaled was not there. It is a little confusing. The festival first called it a ‘scheduling conflict.’ However, Khaled fans are curious because he has been posting ‘vacation pics’ all weekend. Then they said they were told he was filming ‘The Four’, which is why he couldn’t come.




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