Whoops… CBS Accidentally Puts ‘Big Brother All Stars’ Merch Online Before They Even Announce It

CBS screwed up yesterday. (Or an intern did?) Even though they haven’t even officially announced Big Brother season 22 as an All Stars edition, someone put a bunch of All Stars Merch up for sale on the CBS Store. It came down moments later once it caught the attention of BB Social Media fans. Perhaps it was done intentionally, but either way they should be happy that fans seem pretty excited! We still don’t know who will be on the upcoming season, but we have heard rumours including Ariana Grande’s brother and self-declared “social media mogul” Frankie Grande. Also: the duo of Swaggy P and Bayleigh, crybaby Josh, Cop Derrick, and Paul!


The network has gone to great lengths to get this season going, like creating a bubble to deal with COVID-19, where both the cast and the crew will stay.





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Scott Fox and Kat Callaghan