Chris Evans Accidentally Leaked His Own D Pic

Chris Evans accidentally shared a D*** Pic on his own Instagram account. He was on Saturday, attempting to post an Instagram video of his family playing ‘Head’s Up’ (I know… the irony is crazy.) When the video finished up, it quickly went back to his camera roll where we got a glimpse of some of his recent photos. There was no mistaking it, one of them was a silhouette of a penis… that was… fully ‘happy.’  He deleted the video as quick as he could once he realized, but the internet is what it is — it’s not gone forever. Chris has not officially made any statement on the ‘whoops’, nor has his girlfriend Lily James.

His brother, Mark Ruffalo and more all had different things to say the next day…



**Although we will not be sharing the image, you can google search to find it if you’re curious

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