Go Back To The ’80s With These New Chia Pets

Go Back To The ’80s With These New Chia Pets

If you were around in the ’80s or simply love the era you know Chia Pets and their infectious jingle! Well, Chia Pets wants to take you back to the ’80s with two new ones modeled after David Hasselhoff and Richard Simmons.

The Hoff is wearing his trademark Knight Rider outfit with the classic smirk to boot and is available for $44 on Entertainment Earth and Amazon. If you do order from Entertainment Earth you will have to wait until May for the Hoff to arrive.

Richard Simmons however has his classic red tank top on and is sporting his joyous smile. Not only do you get to grow his iconic afro you also get to grow his chest hair! Simmons is also available on Entertainment Earth and Amazon for $39!

Photo Credit: Amazon/Joesph Enterprises

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